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SuperDoggos of SuperDoggos Toronto Dog Daycare

Daycare​ Rates 

*These exclude applicable taxes and are in CAD*

Full day drop off timings: 7AM to 10AM, and pickup: 4PM to 7PM

Half day drop off timings: 7AM to 10AM or Noon to 2PM, and pickup Noon to 2PM or 4PM to 7PM

20% sibling discount (two or more dogs in the same household)

Our packages never expire



1 Full Day-$52

10 Full Day Package- $490 

20 Full Day Package- $920 

1 Half Day- $38

10 Half Day Package- $350

20 Half Day Package- $640


All dogs have to be up to date with their vaccinations, flea prevention, and Bordetella shot.

Puppies must be a minimum of 13 weeks before starting.

Dogs should have no history of aggression with other dogs or people.

Medium to large size dogs over the age of 12 months need to be neutered/spayed, whereas smaller-sized dogs need to be fixed by 8 months. 


We charge a late pick up fee of $15/15 mins.

Please don't send your dog to daycare if they have diarrhea, cough, cold, or any other illness. 

If you want us to feed your dog lunch and/or admin medications, please label the timings, particular instructions, and amount clearly and we'll be more than happy to assist.

We strongly recommend attending once a week, so we can build a relationship and maintain harmony in our SuperDoggos Toronto dog daycare family. 

Home-style Boarding

$99 + tax/night (24 hour period and includes daycare)

Holiday surcharge of $10/night

Interested in your doggo being boarded with SuperDoggos Toronto dog daycare and boarding? Email us at with your dates. One of our pet care specialists will take your dog to their home for the night, and bring him/her to the daycare with them. You’ll be connected with the specialist and provided with all their information and sent daily text and picture updates. 

*Service available only to our long-term daycare clients*

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