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Who We Are

SuperDoggos Toronto dog daycare is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Toronto, just a 10-minute walk from both Trinity Bellwoods and Stanley Park.

At SuperDoggos Toronto, we believe that being alone at home, not getting enough exercise and stimulation, and/or not having a routine or structure in their every day life, can lead to destructive behaviours, anxiety, and stress in dogs. 

Spending their day at SuperDoggos Toronto and regularly attending our daycare program will help your dog become well-rounded, happy, and stable i.e. a SuperDoggo!

What's Our Story

Hey there, I am Kritika!

I started SuperDoggos Toronto in November, 2022. My journey in the beautiful world of dogs began when I got my own dog, Coca in July, 2017 though. My husband and I were working corporate jobs and couldn't find a dog daycare for Coca that we could wholeheartedly trust. I then knew that something needed to be changed, as all dog parents should have a place for their fur baby that is reliable, has space for doggos when parents need it, segregates dogs based on temperament, gives regular updates, maintains a structure throughout the day, doesn't overcrowd, and has no small spaces or basement. Thus came SuperDoggos Toronto dog daycare, where I could eliminate all this!

I have been working with various dog rescues in Canada and India, and have been an active foster parent and volunteer. I have also worked in another dog daycare as a manager, and have been walking and boarding dogs for five years now. I fully understand dog body language and can administer first aid to dogs. I have created the most amazing team who I have trained myself. They are as passionate about dog behaviour and care as I am. 

With SuperDoggos Toronto dog daycare, my goal is to create a second family for the SuperDoggos. A wholesome place where dogs can socialise safely, have fun, learn good manners, and are purely loved, while the dog parents have no stress when they leave their pups in our care. 

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